web_hi_res_512Quiz-Bingo (German only) is my second trivia app available on the Google Play Store.

It features 40 levels each with 16 questions from 8 different fields of knowledge. Since a lot of users complained about the Game Over once they hit a wrong answer in my other App „Quizoid“ I made this app „Game Over free“. This means you can try every question as long as you want. You never fail. Instead, only your possible scores decrease. And of course there is no time limit.

If you have absolutely no clue about a question you can use hints. Using hints will show you parts of the answer for a given question. Since hints are consumed, you should be very careful about when you use them. But dont worry: you earn hints by answering questions perfectly.

How it looks like

Where you get it

Google Play Store
Quiz-Bingo | Freitext-Fragen
Quiz-Bingo | Freitext-Fragen
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